Waller shows the horror of Brighton. Not the moral horror of Greene and Hamilton but the aesthetic horror of people desperately having fun: garish, trashy, gross, terminally uncool,and a delight for our basest senses. Waller's work is in the tradition of Donald McGill, Benny Hill, Beryl Cook, Ken Russell Jonathan Meades. Film Maker - Journalist

JJ Waller's superb photography brings our beautiful city to life, he captures what's so special - our radical spirit and unique identity. For a look at the real Brighton and Hove, dive into this book. Caroline Lucas MP

Waller's unique street credentials as both a performer and a photographer conjure a great sense of people in a place. His flair and humour unveil a Brighton that is garish, exuberant and spontaneous. remakes me glad I live here and glad he lives here too. John Helmer - Brighton viva Magazine.

Amongst the depth of detail Waller images show Brighton life as a cacophony of absurdity, joy, effervescence, incongruity, colour - lots of colour - and humour tempered by the occasional hint of melancholy. Harry Venning - Author of Claire In The Community and Guardian Cartoonist.

JJ Waller's Brighton brings to mind seaside postcard art blended with a good dose of Tony Ray-Jones, they are wonderful mix of bad taste, good humour and real affection. Brilliant. I love it. George Coles - Photographer

JJ Waller's pictures are extraordinary; adding more drama, vision, insight, hope and joy to scenes we've already seen, making us relive them from a new perspective...Dick Knight past chairman Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.

.....Every single picture justifies its inclusion, I dare you to look through this book, and not raise the daftest of grins.
This is one to be placed prominently on the loo bookshelf. And, for me, nothing beats that for a recommendation. Alan Wares. The Albion Roar.

JJ Waller’s photography is as synonymous with Brighton as Brighton Rock, both of the sugary sweet variety and of the dark horror of Graham Greene. His photography shows us both the bestest and the darkest sides of Brighton, but never maliciously, always with a sense of love Sussex Title Magazine

Exactly what I needed. Brilliant work - thank you very much.
Carole Richmond. Marketing Director Brighton & Hove Buses.

JJ Waller's Blackpool captures this fascinating, complex multi-layered town, its people and visitors, honestly, passionately and importantly, with great humour. Every image is saturated with life. LeftCoast Artistic Director. Michael Trainor

What I like about your book intro to is that it's clear, concise, unpretentious, generous and written by you. So much intellectual miserable load of old cock is written (and talked) about in photography it makes me want to pull my remaining hair out, especially when it's done in the third person. George Cole. Photographer.

The humour, the town, the tourists, the razzamatazz and the spectacle have been captured well for other generations to discover. Every time I pick up the Blackpool book I discover something in the photos I have not seen before. Marvellous stuff.
Graham Clark. Yorkshire Times

Waller's affectionate engaging and defining portraits of Blackpool and it's characters presents a unique record for generations to come. His eye for detail and especially the absurd is that of a 'peoples photographer' on the top of his game. Neil Butler U.Z. Glasgow.

Blackpool captured at it's glorious best. Anna Cryer. Blackpool Gazette

Thank you for your St Leonards - some of it is very comical indeed: And even more of it is engagingly odd.
Johnathan Meades. Author and Broadcaster

…..You do it so well……whatever it is….capturing "stuff"……you must be using your eyes..... LOL Tony Haase. Writer. Actor. Teacher

looking at the St Leonards book what springs to mind is Donald Mcgills postcard art thrown in with a good dose of Tony Ray Jones, they are a wonderful mix of bad taste, good humour and real affection. Brilliant, love it.
George Coles. Photographer.

It was a day much like any other and that's exactly the appeal for photographer JJ Waller, he specialises in documenting the seemingly mundane events that end up as social history.
Waller's photographs pose questions and stimulate debate,especially around the subjects of urban decay and regeneration.
Nione Meakin Journalist

Just got a copy of @JJWALLERPHOTOS book of St.Leonards on Sea photographs. Amazing pix of St Leonards, East Sussex.Visual poetry!
Baz Bamigboye. Daily Mail

I really look forward to your photos you capture what makes life great - such humour and some stunningly beautiful images too - you have a keen eye for real life, real happenings and the naturally funny please keep sharing them.
Anne Bloomfield - Theatre Administrator

Your book on St Leonards is magnificent... really captures the spirit... you have made the 'mundane' extraordinary. That is a true talent.
Peter Skinner M.E.P.

If possible could we have another 2 boxes delivered sometime next week-don't want to risk running out. It's well on course to be our best selling title this Christmas!
Manager Waterstones Book Shop Hastings

JJ Waller's St Leonards on Sea vol 01 is an eclectic mix of stunning photographs, expertly capturing what makes the town unique, pictures that convey warmth, humour and originality.
Lynda Turner Hastings Observer.

St Leonards is far from lacking in fantastic photographers of our own, but sometimes it takes an outsider to really get the measure of a town. JJ Waller has quietly engaged with St Leonards and its community and produced a fascinating study of a small town on the cusp of change. His images are often colourful, sometimes quirky, and always insightful.The photographs in his book will have you doing a double-take. When you live somewhere, it is surprising how much you sub-consciously edit out. Looking at St Leonards through the eyes of JJ Waller will have you falling in love with the town again.
Hastings Online Times.

JJ Waller's Brighton books are full of arresting images capturing the city in all its maverick, offbeat glory.
Brighton Viva magazine.

A fabulous poignant and perceptive chronicle of St Leonards, makes me proud to live here.
S.G. Hotelier

Hello, Just want to say how wonderful is your homage to St. Leonard's on Sea? I have lived part time (DFL) for the past 11 years and you have captured the very essence of everything I love and am amused byon a daily basis. How I mourn the passing of 'Harvey Licks' on the Kings Road. Brilliant, congratulations, Vol 2 soon please!
Maria McErlane. Broadcaster

I just bought the St. Leonards book today from a local shop in St. Leonards and was much impressed. I'd already got the original Brighton book and liked that one too, so this will complete the set to-date.
C.R.St Leonards

Man, you have seen and taken so many photo opportunities, or is it Brighton is such a weird place?
Hugh Thomas. Bouinax,

The first volume of JJ Waller’s Brighton gave us a beautiful visual journal of the street life of Britain’s wackiest city, and volume two equally delights with its eclectic mix of eccentric characters emerging from the colourful drag and debris of Brighton street life. Cross-dressers, droogs and Daleks; bovver boys, baby-dolls and bric-a-brac; modern-day mods and tea-drinking rockers. Cartoon punks, teen zombies, passion-play players, and plenty of policemen…. They’re all here JJ Waller captures the spirit of the city perfectly.
Dorothy Max Prior.Editor Total Theatre Magazine

Do think this might be one of our best selling books this Christmas.Hope youhave plenty of copies!
Paul @ City Books

Julian Clary

Your photographs always make me catch my breath and hold it while I look. I am never certain what I might see. Your photos bring me such joy and sense of an open heart towards all humanity.Blooming great.
Sue Maclaine - Actress / Writer

I love your book ! .. It's brilliant !
Nicki Carter Head Buyer & Merchandise Manager Brighton Museum

For an incredibly consistent eye for a good, unique but also instantly recognisable style I think Waller hits it toward the boundary every time…. I was gonna say out the ballpark but I think his very British take on things deserves a suitable analogy. Waller produces images 'of the moment' that will stand the test of time...
Kevin Mason.
Create Studios

Probably my favourite portrait of all the ones I have had taken. Very natural and different. It's got bollocks.
Phil Oakley.

St Leonards on Sea has long been seen as a once glorious seaside town, that is now seedy and ageing. Waller turns this view on its head, and presents a St Leonards filled with creativity and character with hidden architectural gems in the most unlikely of places.

Waller's Brighton captures the lives of very ordinary people, and people in extraordinary fancy dress, not the groomed arrivistes and tasteful shopping offer. His photographs are the full-colour modern equivalent of those 1930s photographers involved with the Mass Observation movement.What strikes me about his photographs is the empathy with the people and the place.
Erica Smith. Hastings Online Times.

Waller's people pictures capture personality brilliantly and he adds a bit of his own wit and charm along with great ideas.
Bob England Owner
@ England At Home

Just had a morning to sit and luxuriate over your photographs - they are really exceptional. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your wonderful calm, unobtrusive and hugely skilled approach to it all. Onto our next project!
Angela Palmer Artist-Ghost Forest

I've known Waller for many years, and have seen him undergo a transformation from an irresistably disarming performer into a photographer with exactly the same qualities:Affable, witty and utterly humane: it's all there in the photos... brilliant!
Steve Mc Nicholas co-founder of Stomp.

.... Your wonderful images captured the raw energy and emotion of the marathon. You fulfilled your brief way beyond expectation.... These days are never forgotten thanks to your images.... We love working with you.....Tracey Allen - Brighton Marathon.

I took one photo today and it was rubbish! Your shots are fabulous You capture it every time. Brilliant. My girl had a cornflake packet on her head and a very white face. She looked wonderful. I thought of you - I thought Waller would have nailed this event and you certainly did.
color=grey]Sal Kennedy Director of Mother Funkers

Thought i'd let you know how successful the Julian Clary shots have
been. The poster looked fantastic blown up to 6 sheet size at the Edinburgh
Festival and we achieved an unprecedented number of magazine covers using the pictures.
Anya O'Neil
Production Executive 'Just For Laughs live'

A community organisation like ours relies on professionals who can deliver quality as well as sensitivity when working with members of the community. Waller delivers both. An exciting and innovative photographer able to share his passion with others and inspire creativity. Pretty impressive stuff.
Sarah Hutchings, Marketing Manager, Queenspark Books

Waller has a wonderful knack of putting subjects at their ease,and of capturing the real essence of a moment in time.
I like the portraits even the formal ones. Waller has a really creative way of approaching his subjects,and of making the ordinary,interesting.

Caroline Lucas, Green Member of Parliment for Brighton .

A remarkable artistic photo-documentary of St Leonards at a time of great change.
Michael Hambridge Public Art Officer Hastings Borough Council.

Thanks Waller. As ever, these are great! You really captured the essence of the evening! Everybody seems to be having a ball in these pictures! We will get them onto the web site forthwith
Brighton City Reads

Waller captured the core emotions of the occasion because the occasion was about people and Waller understands people.
Neil Butler
Director UZ Events

We work with Waller whenever possible, he always delivers and we always come back.
Rollo Hollins.

Fletcher Wilson Productions

Thanks for working with us again. Everyone loved the pictures. You have a great imagination!
Councillor Alexandra Phillips
Constituency Co-ordinator - Brighton Pavilion

"These are so great! I love them! Thanks Waller"
Tracey Waters Marketing Officer Marketing Team
Brighton & Hove City Council

"These launch pictures are brilliant"
Claire Croome.
Jo Brookes PR

Waller's a pleasure to work with flexible and full of great ideas,gave us a good range of shots and backdrops. Most importantly he managed to capture the images that we really needed. The final result was a variety of high quality images that we have used extensively.
Georgina Bloomfield
Media and Public Relations Officer
Office of Jean Lambert MEP
London’s Green Party Member of the European Parliament